Impending Transitions

Transitions are some of my worst moments. I am not sure why, but all too frequently, I get thrown off and upside down by transitions. The older that I get, the better I get at anticipating transitions and preparing my heart, mind, body, and soul for them.

However, I happen to prepare for transitions in the most counter-productive way possible – I obsess. I make lists. And, worst of all, I withdraw. I try to make it the absolute easiest for me to transitions by doing absolutely everything in my power to emotionally detach.

Today, I convicted about my way of handling transitions. By burdening my heart with worry, I am not entrusting my heart to the Lord, which means I do not fundamentally believe in the Lord and his goodness in my life.

Ouch. Nothing like a morning wakeup call.


As I reflect on my struggle with transition, I am reminded:

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight” Proverbs 3:5-6

I do not believe that trusting in the Lord means that life will be easy, but I do believe that, when I step forward in faith, there will be solid ground beneath my feet. It is so easy to say that I will trust in the Lord and act in a way that glorifies him, but it is another thing to live  it out.

Where are you clinging onto your way of doing things, refusing to let the Lord into your worries and fears? I’m embarrassed to admit that my list of “My Way” is much longer than transitions. But for today, for right now, I am consciously submitting my fear of transition to him who promises to be beside me and carry my burdens (Romans 8:38-39, Matthew 11:30).

Will you?


2015 in Review

Overall, I loved 2015. I feel like I came into my own as a young adult and lived life well. I laughed far more than I cried. I tried harder to love the people around me well. Teaching stole my heart. With every year, there are hard moments that take your breath away, but, this year, the good far outweighed the bad. Below, I let you in on some lowlights, highlights, and things that I discovered that I love (with links!)*


  • Transitioning into a long distance relationships,
  • Nearly 4 years since dad passed way,
  • Not blogging enough, &
  • Having a short, rather than longterm, perspective on life.


  • Traveling to Scotland,
  • Working for Higher Achievement,
  • Student teaching,
  • Starting senior year of college,
  • Visiting St. Louis,
  • Getting engaged (I KNOW!!!!), &

Things I Love: 

  • Kayla Itsines workouts: You do 28 minutes of circuit resistance workouts three times a week and three days a week of cardio (It’s called “Sweat with Kayla” for a reason). I am obsessed. In March, it will be a full year since I started using it and I do not foresee myself stopping anytime soon!
  •  Chatbooks: I love Instagram, because it captures moments and keeps them in a chronological order. Chatbooks prints all of your Instagrams in a small book for one $8. If you have a subscription, it just sends you a new little book whenever you post 60 instagrams (so, for me it’s about 2ish times a year).
  • Yoga with Adriene: Okay, so, I might be slightly obsessed with working out. It relieves my stress. Yoga with Adriene is a free youtube channel that has 15 – 50 minute yoga classes. Adrienne is adorable and helps you relax into yoga. I do it about three times a week.
  • Overdrive: I love reading. I love libraries. I hate returning books. One time, I got a huge fine on my library card, because I decided I cared more about finishing the book than the money. Overdrive is an app you can download on your tablet or phone and download audiobooks and books on your tablet. When your book expires, it just takes it from you. No fines ever! 
  • SheReadsTruth: If you look at nothing else, check out this website/app/lifestyle. It is aesthetically pleasing and is filled with winsome holiness. I read their post every morning and just rejoice in the Lord and his faithfulness.

So, that was my 2015. Best wishes in the new year!


*None of the products that I listed asked me to mention or review them. I just love them so much, that I want everyone to love them too!